#NeverOK anonymous reporting tool

Hate is #NeverOK and we encourage anyone who is a victim or witness of a hate crime, incident, microaggression or act of discrimination to report it. 

At Keele we are committed to creating an inclusive environment, where staff and students feel safe, protected and respected.

We have created an online anonymous reporting tool for students and staff to report issues such as discrimination, hate crimes and microaggressions, either online or in person. (To report an incident of sexual violence or assault please contact the Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Team). 

The report will remain anonymous unless you choose to share your contact details at the end of the form to get more support. You will then get support from either Student Services (students) or Human Resources (staff). If you do not wish to get further support and do not choose to share your contact details, your report will remain anonymous, and you will not receive any follow up emails about your report. 

We are not able to take action against anyone involved if they are reported via the anonymous reporting tool. If you would like to report an issue, get support and take action please contact Student Services on student.services@keele.ac.uk or the relevant HR link contact. 

The purpose of the tool is to get a better picture of incidents taking place so that we can create targeted campaigns and interventions.

The reporting tool is not for emergency situations and if you find yourself or someone else in emergency please contact the Police on 999 or Campus Safety on 01782 733999. 

This tool compliments the existing mechanisms for students and staff to raise concerns and where an individual feels able, we would encourage them to speak up and use our established reporting processes. We hope by having this reporting tool, students and staff will be encourage to share their lived experiences. 

All reports will be stored securely by Human Resources and Student Services. Please note that if you opt to get further support by choosing this at the end of the form, your report will not remain anonymous and will not be stored anonymously. 

If you would like to report an incident there are several options available. Please click below to find out how to make a report. 

If the situation is urgent (where there is immediate threat or danger) please contact the Police on 999 or Campus Safety, if you are on campus, on 01782 733999. 

You can report a hate crime to the police. In Staffordshire you can report this to the Police by either ringing 101, visiting a police station or completing an online form using the Police's own reporting tool, True Vision.

The University has created an online anonymous reporting tool for students and staff. We encourage students and staff to use this form as a victim or witness of a hate crime or incident, discrimination, bullying or a microaggression. 

We ask that any identifying details (name, telephone number, email address) not be included in this report. Please note that:

  • The report will remain anonymous, staff reports will go to Human Resources and student reports to Student Services
  • Unless opted for in the form itself, there will be no follow up action from the report made
  • If further support is opted for in the form, then you can expect a response from Student Services (students) or Human Resources (staff)
  • The data collected will allow us to better understand the incidents taking place in person or online and allow us to create specific campaigns and interventions

You can make an anonymous report here. 

You can also make a report to Challenge North Staffs, a campaign to prevent and raise awareness of hate incidents in Staffordshire. 

You can find out more about their campaign here.

You can use their self-reporting form here.  

If you would prefer to make a report in person there are several places you can report to, but please note that reports made in person will not be anonymous

Students can report to

Staff can report to