Support staff

The Disability Support and Inclusion team work collaboratively with external agencies and other University staff members to ensure that your individual support needs are met throughout your time at Keele. 


Support workers

The support you receive will be tailored to meet your individual needs and any particular requirements of your chosen course.  For some students, this could mean you are provided with a Support Worker who may help you with tasks such as notetaking, reading or mobility support around campus.  If this is appropriate in your circumstances, the Disability Support and Inclusion team will discuss this with you. 

Disability Inclusion Tutors

Each school/department has an appointed Disability Inclusion Tutor (or DIT for short).  Some of the responsibilities of your DIT are:

  • Be the main link between Disability Support and Inclusion and your programme of study.
  • Maintain confidentiality whilst ensuring sensitive disability related information is shared in an appropriate manner.
  • Share disability related information with relevant colleagues so that your support is in place.
  • Deal with day-to-day enquiries on disability related issues.
  • Help to organise your Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).
  • Ensure exam arrangements are in place for you.

The Disability Support and Inclusion team communicate all of your disability related information and support needs to the appropriate DIT(s) through eVision.  You can view all of your agreed support needs/recommendations through your eVision account (which you can access via the KLE).

Please see the list below to find out who your appointed DIT is.

English and Film Studies, Liberal Arts and History, Media and Music, and Postgraduate Courses

Andrew Sargent


Dr Deborah Kerfoot 

Kevin De Sabbata

Criminology, Education, International Relations, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology

Leah Koumentaki


PGCE – Primary

Ruth Argyle

PGCE – Secondary (OAKS SKITT)

Gill Hayden

Physiotherapy, Prosthetics & Orthotics and Occupational Therapy

Mary Reaich


Radiography, and Rehabilitation and Exercise Science

Eleanor Monaghan






Dr Karen Adams

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Kerese Collins

Emma Thompson 

Paramedic Science

Karen Scott

Physician Associate

Cathy Allen

Public Health, Primary Care Sciences and Social Work

Alison Tasker

Global Healthcare Leadership, MPH, and Professional Doctorate, PG Medical Science, PG Clinical Education

Alison Tasker

Rachel Pogson

David Jefferson

Geri Frampton


Undergraduate programmes

Dave Morgan

Postgraduate programmes

Ying Yang

Clinical Pharmacy PGT

Shane Artis


Jonathan Healey

Marta Woloszynowska-Fraser

Daniel Allen 


Chloe Howe

Nicola Marsh

Emily Ingram

Joanna Hewitt

Pauline Cooke


Alison Long

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Sally Bishop