Global Challenge Pathways - Climate Change & Sustainability

Through the Climate Change & Sustainability pathway students will develop the skills, understanding and drive to become agents of change to tackle climate change and wider sustainability challenges.

Climate change is one of the most pressing threats of our times.
The impacts of climate change are global and complex, as are the solutions – affecting every part of our lives and needing a global response, and for everybody to know how to play their part.
Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it is a social, political, economic and cultural issue – and it requires all disciplines to be part of the solution.
We know how we live isn’t sustainable, and we know that we need to start doing something about that.
That is why we invite you to be part of the Climate Change and Sustainability Global Challenge pathway.
Understanding more about climate change and sustainability, and the international and political context of these issues, as well as developing the experience of driving real action, is going to be useful to you whatever your discipline and whatever your future career.

In the first year, you will explore climate change and its links to wider sustainability issues such as biodiversity loss and social justice look like across the world, hearing first-hand from researchers from different countries.
In the second year you will build upon the foundations you've learned in year one, with second year content having been developed following student interest in understanding more about and being able to be involved in activism for sustainability. 
The third year will continue to help you develop skills and gain experience in driving real positive change, working with a range of different organisations.