Brief career history

1979-86     Lecturer in International Relations, Aberdeen University

1986-87     Principal  Research Officer, Arms Control and Disarmament Research Unit, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London

1988-89     Research Fellow, Centre for Defence Studies, Aberdeen University (ESRC Research Award)

1989-2007  Lecturer in International Relations, Keele University

2007-         Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Keele University


Main Academic Administration Roles at Keele


Chair, Spire Curriculum Review Group (2011-2018)

Programme Director and Assessments Officer, International Relations (2003-2018)

Director of Learning and Teaching, SPIRE (2006-January 2012)

Chair, SPIRE Learning and Teaching Committee (2006-January 2012)

Member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee (2006-January 2012)

Member of the University Internal Quality Audit Panel (2006-2018)

Member of the University Senate (2006-09)

SPIRE Academic Conduct Officer (2006-07)

ERASMUS/Exchange Institutional Coordinator (2003-2018)

SPIRE Development Officer (1992-2002)

SPIRE QA Subject Review Coordinator for the October 2001 HEFCE Quality Assurance Subject Review of Politics and International Relations (1998-2001)

Chair or Member of the International Relations Syllabus and Planning Committees (1992-97)

Timetabling Officer for International Relations (1989-2004)

Undergraduate Admissions Officer (1989-92)

Liaison Officer with the Departments of Law, Politics, History and Economics (1989-93)

I retired in September 2018.

Research and scholarship

Having entered academia as a Sovietologist and international security specialist, my  research interests gradually evolved into a new focus on the international politics of the Arctic region and international environmental cooperation to accompany a continuing interest in the area of arms control and weapons proliferation. These research interests and related scholarship are reflected in the specialised modules that I teach at Keele in addition to leading the delivery of several of the mainline lecture courses that feature in the International Relations programme at Keele.  


  • PIR-10041 : Introduction to International Relations (Module Coordinator, lecturer and tutor)
  • PIR-10042 : Making and Shaping Foreign Policy (Module Coordinator, lecturer and tutor)
  • TBA         : Environmental Politics and Policy (Module Coordinator, lecturer and tutor)
  • PIR-10058 : Introduction to Global Political Economy  (Module Coordinator)
  • PIR-20064 : International Relations of the Environment (Module Coordinator, lecturer and tutor)
  • PIR-30111 : Arms Control and Disarmament (Module Coordinator and seminar leader)
  • PIR-30108 : Proliferation (Module Coordinator and seminar leader)
  • PIR-30112 : The Northern Dimension: Security, Resources and Environment in the Arctic (Module Coordinator and seminar leader)
  • PIR-30107 :  Sport in Global Politics: a Neglected Dimension (Module Coordinator)    
  • PIR-40111 : Environmental Diplomacy (MA) (Module Coordinator and seminar leader)
  • PIR-40106 : Dimensions of Environmental Politics (MA) (member of seminar leader team)
  • PIR-40082 : Global Environmental Change and its Political Consequences (MA) (member of seminar leader team)

PhD Supervision

I have supervised a range of PhD projects at Keele in the areas of global environmental politics (international relations theory and the environment, international environmental regimes), arms control and proliferation, and the politics and international relations of the USSR and the post-Soviet space. One of the students whom I jointly supervised (Peter Newell)  is now Professor of International Relations in the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex, while another went on to join the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, at one stage being seconded to the Cabinet Office to work on the Johannesburg Rio+10 global environmental summit.
I am currently supervising a PhD project on transnational civil society, the Aarhus Convention and the English School of International Relations theory. I have recently been the External Examiner for a number of PhD theses by Norwegian researchers on international relations in the Barents Sea region in the European Arctic. I am very interested in supervising research here at Keele on various aspects of politics and international relations in the Arctic, international environmental politics more generally and on issues related to arms limitation and global weapons proliferation. 

Further information is available about studying in SPIRE, including funding available for pursuing a doctoral research degree.

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