2009: Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Arts (Österreichisches Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und Kunst).

In Switzerland, the UK and Germany. My PhD was on Comparative Federalism in Western Europe.

Positions at Keele

  • June 2019: I decided to move to the position of Professor Emeritus.
  • January 2015: appointed Keele University's first Dean for Internationalisation. As part of the Vice Chancellor’s team, I had overall responsibility to provide strategic leadership of Keele’s international agenda. Successes during my four year tenure included developing with Beijing Foreign Studies University an innovative joint programme offering Bachelor degrees in International Diplomacy (BFSU) and in International Governance and Public Policy (Keele).
  • 2010: appointed to a Chair in Comparative Politics
  • 2000: established and thereafter convened the Keele European Parties Research Unit (KEPRU)
  • 1993: joined the then “Department of Politics”

Visiting Positions (selection)

  • 2017- : Distinguished Research Professor, Center for German Studies at Tongji University, Shanghai
  • 2014-17: Guest Professor (高端外国专, or ‘High-End Foreign Expert’) at Tongji University, Shanghai under China’s ‘Recruitment Program of Global Experts 1000 Talent Plan’
  • 2008-09: Visiting Professor, Department of Government, Vienna University
  • 2007: Visiting Researcher, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna
  • 2004: Visiting Researcher, Institute for European Integration Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna. 

Academic Networks (selection)

Research and scholarship


• In recent years, my research has focused in particular on political parties’ organization and strategy, on party competition and on the role of political parties in deeply divided societies.  

• I have been a member of international research networks that have published on topics such as the effect of European Union membership on the internal organization and power of EU Member States’ national political parties; the impact of the 2007-2009 ‘Great Recession’ on European Populism and on the changing relationship between left of centre parties and trade unions
• I continue to research into the organizational adaptation of radical right-wing (or ‘populist’) parties and into the strategies of those parties and of their competitors. 

• Of late, I have started to undertake fieldwork in China to observe the organizational adaptability of the Chinese Communist Party.
Conferences Organised Recently (selection)

• 2017: co-organised with Fudan University’s Center for Party Building and State Development an international academic conference (co-sponsored by KEPRU) on ‘Parties in a Globalised World. Challenges and Responses in the Internet Age’.

• 2015: Co-organised at Tongji University an international academic conference on ‘Parties and Governance in China and in the West’, co-sponsored by KEPRU. 


My research has been reported on in a wide range of electronic and print media both in the UK (e.g. BBC World News: BBC World Tonight; Sky News) and overseas (e.g. Austrian Broadcasting Corporation; Dagens Nyheter; Der Standard; Deutschlandfunk; Die Presse; Euronews; Kurier; Österreich; Reuters; The Conversation; Wiener Zeitung).


Keele: for over 25 years I taught undergraduate and postgraduates Comparative Politics, including on Comparative Political Analysis; Political Parties: Origins and Organization; Party Systems and Elections; Comparative European Politics; Right-Wing Radical Parties in Western Europe; German Government and Politics and on Austrian Politics. Since becoming an Emeritus Professor, I no longer have teaching responsibilities.

Overseas: I have taught in numerous European countries and the USA. In China, I have lectured at Peking, Fudan, Renmin and Tongji Universities, at East China University of Political Science and Law; Guangzhou University and at Shanghai Normal University. I have also spoken at the Beijing Administration Institute, the Shanghai Administration Institute and the Zhejiang Party School.


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PhD Supervision

Having moved to a Professor Emeritus position, I no longer offer PhD supervision, but supervisory opportunities in Comparative Politics exist with other Keele colleagues. Prospective research students should consult the relevant individual academic staff pages and outline research clusters of the School.

Mandarin Biography

路德教授自1980 年以来一直是(全球)德国政治研究协会成员,并多次当选为执行委员会成员。
2003 至2016 年间,他担任欧洲政治研究协会政党研究主任,该协会在五大洲拥有超过300 名成员。
自1990 年以来,路德教授每年举办备受推崇的跨国政党研究博士暑期学校。

至2009 年“大衰退”对欧洲民粹主义的影响、左翼政党与工会之间关系的变化等问题。他还就极右

路德教授担任维也纳高级研究所和奥地利科学院的兼职研究员。2008 年,他被任命为维也纳大学的

2015 年,路德教授领导的基尔大学欧洲政党研究中心与同济大学共同主办了“中西方政党与治理”
国际学术会议。2016 年,他与同济大学杨云珍教授合作,获得了中国外交部指南针项目“欧洲政治
生态变化及其对中欧关系的影响研究”。2016 年9 月,路德教授作为英国高等教育部长乔·约翰逊
访华代表团成员,参加了上海浦江创新论坛。 2017 年5 月,路德教授与复旦大学“党的建设与国

2018 年4 月,路德教授在同济大学举办的“一流人才培养研讨会”上发表了题为“国际化对一流人
域的专家学者和中国的高校校长。2018 年10 月,路德教授作为英国大学代表团成员,与欧盟讨论

路德教授因在高等教育的教学与研究国际化方面的丰富经验,于2015 年1 月被任命为基尔大学国际
育部的批准,于2018 年9 月成功招收第一批优异的高中生。

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