My research interests are in the fields of sociology of the family, motherhood, the home, care, paid and unpaid work, poverty and social exclusion. I have taught introductory sociology, sociology of gender and the history of British social policy. I gained my PhD from the University of Bristol in 2005. From January 2005 I held an ESRC postdoctoral fellowship in the School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds and was subsequently a Research Fellow at Leeds. My work has been concerned with developing a sociological approach to the study of the lives of lone mothers to complement the policy focus which has dominated research in this area.

Research and scholarship

Research interests in sociology are in family studies, motherhood, paid and unpaid work, poverty and social exclusion, and the social organisation of care, particularly the care of children. I also have an interest in research methods and ethics.


  • SOC 10009 Social Inequalities in the Contemporary World
  • SOC 10012 Researching British Society - Module Leader
  • SOC 30030 Sociology of Parenting and Early Childhood - Module Leader
  • SOC 30028 Dissertation (ISP) - Module Leader, semester 1


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