Amani Hassani is an urban ethnographer working at the intersection of sociology, anthropology and geography. Her work explores the interplay between racialisation and spatialisation with a specific focus on Muslims in the Global North. Her PhD research was a comparative ethnography of young Muslims’ urban lives in Denmark and Quebec exploring issues of class, racialisation and urban life. She has engaged actively in the public debate in Denmark, writing on Islamophobia and engaging with national and international media outlets on issues pertaining to discrimination of Danish Muslims and ethnic minorities in general.

She holds an MA in Anthropology from University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and a PhD in Social and Cultural Analysis from Concordia University (Canada). She joined Keele University as the Sociological Review Fellow in 2020.

Research and scholarship

Amani’s research draws on critical sociology, phenomenological anthropology and urban geography to explore the intricacies of racialisation, spatialisation and social mobility. As an ethnographer, Amani uses walking as an explorative method to understand how people engage with space to position and root themselves within their city.

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