Undergraduate study

The Forensic Science degree programmes at Keele are designed to provide you with an outstanding understanding of forensic science whilst exposing you to a range of facilities and techniques you will find in a typical forensic laboratory. Having a crime scene house allows us to provide context to our teaching and gives you experience in a typical environment encountered by a forensic scientist.

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The teaching environment within the school is very friendly and supportive. All academics in forensic science have an open door policy so you are able to seek help and advice when you need it. You will also be supported by a team of technical staff and demonstrators who are also key sources of help and advice, particularly in the laboratory.

You will also be allocated a personal tutor when you arrive at Keele who will monitor your progress throughout your studies and is another source of help and advice. All of this helps explain why we have been voted as a top 3 provider of Forensic Science programmes in the UK for 2020 by the Complete University Guide.