Research Methods

The project has four key research questions:

  1. What are the implications of marketisation for different kinds of voluntary sector organisations (VSOs)?
  2. What are the experiences and views of voluntary sector staff and volunteers about working in an increasingly professionalised environment?
  3. What are the perceptions or actualities of "penal drift"? That is, to what extent, if at all, are the attitudes and practices in VSOs affected by working more closely with the specific requirements and priorities of the criminal justice system?
  4. What changes are taking place in partnerships and network dynamics?

The project takes a mixed methods approach, beginning with a literature and policy review, moving on to a survey of the sector, case studies, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Participants will include VSO decision makers (senior staff), VSO front-line staff, VSO partner organisations, criminal justice policy makers, strategists, commissioners, and funders. 

For further information, see our Project Overview, our Project Invitation, and our Resilience Project Information Sheets