Short courses and consultancy

The Centre for Professional Ethics at Keele offers training and consultancy on a wide range of ethical issues. We have a range of established and highly-regarded training courses that can be run at Keele or on clients' premises, and can provide bespoke training and consultancy by arrangement.

We do not have any courses scheduled at the moment and availability for in-house bookings is limited. However, if you wish to register an interest in attending a course at Keele or booking training for your organisation please contact us with your requirements.

PEAK has a long history of providing training to members of University, NHS and other Research Ethics Committees, Research Ethics Committee administrators, researchers and others with a professional interest in this area from across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We offer a range of one-, two- and three-day courses to suit both those who are new to ethics committee work and those who have prior experience and/or training. We happy to tailor these courses to suit your committee's specific needs, drawing on our extensive library of materials and case studies. We have also provided training in the Ethics of Prison Research (see below).

Our expertise and experience in this field enabled members of PEAK to be selected under a competitive tender by the European Commission to edit and write the European Textbook on Ethics in Research.

PEAK offers half- and one-day training courses in ethical issues in resource allocation for members of NHS Trusts and Resource Allocation Committees. We offer training on ethical issues in infectious disease control and other areas of topical medical interest for members of Clinical Ethics Committees. We are happy to discuss tailoring training sessions to the particular requirements, experience and professional background of your group.

PEAK offers a half- or one-day training course designed primarily for police officers. We have also provided a two day programme of training in the Ethics of Prison Research for HMPS.

Our experience and expertise in applied ethics regularly generate enquiries about provision of in-house and bespoke training for a wide variety of clients. We are happy to discuss tailoring tailor training sessions to the particular requirements, experience, and professional background of your group. Our experience has enabled us to develop a lively, inclusive and engaging style of training, which encourages discussion and makes extensive use of case studies and examples. We have found that this approach helps make the abstract ideas of applied ethics readily understandable by professionals and lay committee members alike, and of real relevance to practice.

PEAK can offer consultancy and advice on a range of areas of ethics. In the past we have offered consultancy and ethical audits for NHS trusts and charities. We have experience of advising organisations on establishing new research ethics and governance systems, and of reviewing existing systems. For more information on consultancy please contact us.