Trauma Centre

RSUH catchment area covers an area from the Eastern Borders of Staffordshire to Anglesea in North Wales.


Dedicated Research Unit

The RSUH research unit is a part of the West Midlands network and has dedicated staff to support approval and running of clinical studies at RSUH and County.


Gait Laboratory

Within Fracture Clinic RSUH and OBRG have a dedicated resource that houses the orthopaedics research activity.


Vicon Motion capture

A full vicon-nexus system including
10 IR cameras
4 video cameras
6 DoF Force plate
Hand grip twist dynamometer


Vicon remote IMU

Vicon CaptureU system including IMUs



Pedobaragraph force plate and associated software


ESH fatigue testing machine

Hydraulic dynamic testing machine NPL calibrated to 5kN maximum loading.


Testometric Static Loading system

Electromechanical testing machine up to 10 kN compression and tension

 Testometric Static Loading system

FDA compliant screw torsion test rig

Electromechanical testing machine for screw torsion testing that meets the requirements of FDA, ASTM and ISO.


Dynamic Strain Measurement

10 channel dynamic strain gauge analyser and associated software.

 Dynamic Strain Measurement

Fast dynamic strain measurement

NI 4 channel strain gauge system

 Fast dynamic strain measurement

Strain gauge Bridges

Vishay Measurement Systems Bridges and GiT boxes.


Strain gauge application

Standard and specialist strain gauge application resources (including oven baking).

Strain gauge application

Data logging

NI USB, and other data logging systems and associated software


Remote Data Logging

Specialist remote systems using WiFi, ULEBT, 4G, 2G and NB technologies


Instrumentation development and calibration

Manufacturing and testing equipment to enable bespoke instrumentation development


General Testing Resources

A range of electronic and mechanical resources associated with an elecr0-mechanical laboratory.



A range of proprietary software used in the medical devices industry from 2d and 3D CAD, to Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis

CAD and CAE  

Monoclonal Antibody Resource

Our Monoclonal Antibody Resource (located in Oswestry) is available to all. Not listed here, but also available, are mAbs  against tags used on recombinant proteins, such as thioredoxin-tag and GST-tag.