Chief Investigator:

Dr Nursrat Hussain

Principal Investigator:

Prof Carolyn Chew-Graham

Study Co-ordinator:

Prof Carolyn Chew-Graham

Funder name / reference number: National Institute For Health Research(NIHR) Primary Research, HTA - 14/68/08
Year 2016 - 2021

Study design

A multicentre Randomised Control Trial of a group psychOlogical intervention for poStnatal depression in britisH mothers of south asiaN origIn - ROSHNI-2 with a partially nested design to compare Treatment as Usual (TAU) plus the Positive Health Programme (PHP) with TAU in British South Asian (BSA) women with postnatal depression. 

The word Roshni means light in Urdu/Hindi.

Primary objective

The rates of postnatal depression (PND) in British South Asian women are higher than the general population. Postnatal depression is known to cause disability and suffering in women and negative consequences for their infants and their family with huge costs to society. Due to linguistic and cultural barriers, British South Asian women do not access health care services. This has been highlighted as a major contributor to inequitable healthcare across the UK populations. Mothers from South-Asian backgrounds (Bangladesh, Pakistan and India) make up for very large number of births in the UK and particularly in centres participating in this study. 

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