Sustainable places and societies

Sustainable Environments (natural and built)

Our research on sustainable environments focuses on assessing, adapting and resilience to climate, ecosystems and environmental change, including deep time, geoprocesses and geohazards. The collective aim is to contribute solutions to the world’s most significant environmental challenges and to fulfil our mission to produce research of the highest calibre in the group’s areas of expertise.

The Sustainable Environments Group comprises earth and environmental scientists with complementary research interests in:

  • Climate and environmental change
  • Geophysics
  • Volcanology and geodynamics
  • Conservation and education in geoscience/sustainability science

Our research strategy is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the group is a key contributor to Keele’s Institute for Sustainable Futures, directing regional, national and international research programmes.

Current research interests

  • Climate and environmental change in ‘deep time’
  • Glacial environments and geomorphology
  • Soil science and environmental chemistry
  • Applied geophysics (environmental and archaeological studies, forensic geoscience)
  • Anthropogenic and geologic hazards
  • Geocomputing
  • Petrology and geochemistry
  • Ecology, environmental conservation and geoconversation

Our research theme members

Dr Alix Cage

Dr Alix Cage
Senior Lecturer

Dr Glenda Jones

Dr Glenda Jones
Research & Teaching Fellow

Dr Peter Knight

Dr Peter Knight
Reader in Geography

Dr Antonia Law

Dr Antonia Law
Senior Lecturer in Geography

Deputy Director (Education) of the Institute for Sustainable Futures

Expert in Climate change, plastic pollution, lakes/freshwater ecosystems, pollution.

Professor Zoe Robinson

Professor Zoe Robinson
Professor of Sustainability Science

Director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures

Expert in Sustainability, education, green technology, climate change.