Sustainable places and societies

Our world leading research on Sustainable Places addresses the role of human society in delivering environmental, social and economic sustainability. Our research considers the interactions between mobilities, temporalities and materialities of everyday life with local and national infrastructure and policies. Theoretically we address the necessity of decolonizing our assumptions about human societies and cultures as well as integrating more-than-human approaches into studies of sustainability.

These approaches are achieved through mixed methods research including interviews, ethnography and autoethnography, arts-based practice, community-led research, textual analysis, quantitative methods, surveys, GIS and remote sensing.

The sustainable places theme includes environmental scientists, human and physical geographers with complementary research interests in:

  • Social Geography
  • Health Geography
  • Animal Geography
  • Rural Geography
  • Conservation
  • Energy transitions and low carbon transport

Current Research Interests

  • Animal-human interactions and well-being
  • Superdiverse places and health
  • Busyness and time geographies
  • Geographies of migration and mobility
  • Decoloniality, knowledges, representation


Dr Daniel Allen

Dr Daniel Allen
Lecturer in Human Geography

Expert in Animal welfare, pet theft, conservation.

Dr Lisa Lau

Dr Lisa Lau
Senior Lecturer

Professor Deirdre McKay

Professor Deirdre McKay
Professor of Sustainable Development

Expert in Plastic pollution, climate policy, climate change, developing countries/low- and middle-income countries.

Dr Adam Moolna

Dr Adam Moolna
Lecturer in Environment and Sustainability

Expert in Conservation, climate change, wildlife, marine environments and conservation, sustainability.

Dr Jamie Pringle

Dr Jamie Pringle
Reader in Forensic Geoscience

Expert in Forensic science, geophysics.

Professor Zoe Robinson

Professor Zoe Robinson
Professor of Sustainability Science

Director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures

Expert in Sustainability, education, green technology, climate change.