Sustainable energy and geo-resources

Our internationally recognised researchers in the Sustainable Energy and Geo-resources research cluster work on a multitude of time-scales and environments, including urban environments, contributing expertise towards the following areas:

  • Biogeochemistry, carbon dynamics and nutrient cycling
  • Contamination, remediation and ecotoxicology
  • Sustainable energy and mobility systems
  • Sustainable systems in organisations
  • Sustainability education

Research on Sustainable Energy and Geo-Resources is supported by funding from sources including the UK Research Councils, the Environment Agency, the Royal Society, Natural England, The Nuffield Foundation, The Royal Society of Chemistry and the European Commission.

For general enquiries contact the theme lead, Dr. Sharon George. For more specific enquiries, contact the relevant research theme member listed below.


Professor Zoe Robinson

Professor Zoe Robinson
Professor of Sustainability Science

Expert in Sustainability, education, green technology, climate change.

Dr Sharon George

Dr Sharon George
Senior Lecturer

Expert in Climate change, green technology, environmental sustainability, waste management, the impact of climate change on developing nations.

Dr. Adam Moolna

Dr. Adam Moolna
Lecturer in Environment and Sustainability Programme Director for Natural Sciences

Expert in Conservation, climate change, wildlife, marine environments and conservation, sustainability.