Researchers working in the Social Justice, Citizens and Communities group are associated with the Institutes for Social Inclusion and Sustainable Futures, and concentrate activity around Grand Challenges aligned to the UN Sustainable Development goals.

This includes providing food sustainability and security, with a focus on food justice and food poverty; delivering clean energy and reducing carbon emissions; creating healthy, resilient societies and creating responsible, inclusive sustainable communities and governance. Research themes include ethical consumption, consumption reduction and resistance motives, generativity and sustainability, and the sharing economy, especially food sharing.

Aligned to the Institute for Social Inclusion, researchers examine the field of social capital and distributive justice within economics, as well as developing economic theories of prejudice, bias and identity neutral policy.

Research projects include:

  • Secure Food Futures: food waste and frugality
  • Communities in crisis
  • Consumer motivations in the UAE to participate in the Sharing Economy
  • The role of generativity in the transference of family knowledge and possessions
  • Food Unwrapped
  • Mapping food poverty: an exploration of lived experiences of food bank users in the UK
  • Religious beliefs and individual social responsibility.
  • Identity neutral hiring
  • Consumer appropriation and use of space to denote belonging and inclusion