Staffordshire Centre for Data Analytics

The Staffordshire Centre for Data Analytics (SCDA) is a Partnership initiative between Staffordshire County Council, Staffordshire Police and Keele University.  It is aimed at delivering actionable insights for Staffordshire’s Public Sector partners and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of utilising data between partners.

The SCDA is a collaborative initiative between local partners - Staffordshire County Council, Staffordshire Police and Keele University - aiming to collaborate with resources, data and approaches to collectively inform on agreed use cases. The use cases are jointly agreed, predominantly focused on problem-solving, early intervention topics aimed at informing upstream understanding and reducing subsequent impact on public services. The main aims of the SCDA are:

  • To foster and role-model a culture of collaboration and innovation
  • Create multi-organisational, actionable insight from otherwise siloed information, to support the public sector to improve outcomes in Staffordshire
  • To develop the data analytical skill base in Staffordshire that the public sector can access
  • To develop tools and blueprints for the public and private sectors in Staffordshire to effectively and ethically, share and better utilise data for public good
  • Initiate and support a number of real-world interventions based on data to change lives for the better

To find out more about the SCDA, please contact the Partnership Development team:

Keele Staffordshire Police Staffordshire County Council