From 2013/14

Module Compensation: information related to direct entry Level 6 students only

Note: Module Compensation should be read in accordance with Dual Honours & Single Honours Bachelor degrees (Regulation 1A) and applies only to students studying the subjects specified below who are entering directly into Level 6 from September 2015 onwards.

The Senate of the University has given permission to specific named subjects only (listed below) to use an element of compensation in the calculation of students’ degrees. Compensation is the process by which an examination board, in consideration of a student’s overall performance may recommend that credit be awarded for a small part of the programme in which the student has failed, on the grounds that a sufficiently good overall performance in a pre-defined group of cognate modules can outweigh the area of failure. Compensation can apply to a module with a failed mark of below 30 as long as it is balanced by good performance in related modules. In such cases credit will be awarded upon that module. Each subject identifies which modules are grouped together for this purpose.

Maximum amount of condonement and compensation* that can be applied

A combined maximum of 30 credits can be either condoned or compensated at Level 6.  This could consist of either:

  • 30 credits of condonement 
  • OR 30 credits of compensation 
  • OR 15 credits of condonement and 15 credits of compensation

*Please note that compensation is at the discretion of the examination board

The following subjects have been approved by the University Learning and Teaching Committee meeting, acting on behalf of the Senate, to implement the Compensation Rule:

  • Mathematics (for BSc Mathematics and dual honours Mathematics)
  • Health and Rehabilitation (for BSc Health and Rehabilitation)
  • Physics (for BSc Single Honours Physics and Dual Honours Physics) - no compensation available for compulsory modules at Level 6
  • Astrophysics (for BSc Single Honours Astrophysics and Dual Honours Astrophysics) - no compensation available for compulsory modules at Level 6