I first came to Keele in 1964 as an assistant lecturer, and then progressed through the ranks to Head of the Department and then professor, before taking early retirement in 1998.  Since then I have given the occasional lecture and continued my research on academic and student writing.  In 2015 I was awarded a Life-time Achievement award from the Education Section of the British Psychological Society.

Research and scholarship

The main – interrelated – themes of my research have been concerned with student learning, the design of instructional text, and academic writing, and I have published widely in each of these areas.  I am a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and the British Psychological Society, and I serve on the editorial boards of three academic journals.


Selected Publications


  • Hartley, J. & Cabanac, G. (2015).  A academic odyssey: Writing over time.  Scientometrics, 103, 1073-1082.
  • Hartley, J., Cabanac, G., Kozak, M. & Hubert, G.  (2015). Research on tables and graphs in academic articles: Pitfalls and promises. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 66, 2, 428-431.
  • Kozak, M., Hartley, J., Wnuk, A. & Tartanus, M. (2015). Multiple pie charts: Unreadable, inefficient and over-used. Journal of Scholarly Publishing, 46, 3, 282-298.
  • Kozak, M., Kranowski. W., Cichocka, I. & Hartley, J. (2015).  The effects of data input errors on subsequent statistical performance.  Journal of Applied Statistics 42, 9, 2030-2037.
  • Kozak, M., Lefremova, O. & Hartley, J.  (2015). Spamming in scholarly publications: A case study. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology DOI: 10.1002/asi. 23521.


  • Hartley, J. (2016). What’s new in abstracts of science articles? Journal of the Medical Library Association, 104, 3, 235-236.
  • Hartley, J. (2016). Is time up for the Flesch measure of reading ease? Scientometrics, 107, 3, 1523-1526.
  • Hartley, J. & Cabanac, G. (2016). Is it true that papers written by joint-authors are cited more than papers written by single ones? What else matters Scientometrics, 106, 817-818.
  • Hartley, J., Cowan, J., Deeson, C. & Thomas, P. (2016). Book reviews in time. Scientometrics, 109, 3, 2123-2128.
  • Hartley, J., Cowan, J. & Rushby, N. (2016). Peer choice – does reviewer self-selection work? Learned Publishing, 29, 1, 27-29.

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