I am a health psychology researcher primarily interested in the role sleep plays in the experience of mental health difficulties and the impact of sleep on wider health behaviours. My research aims to extend current knowledge of the relationship between sleep and mental health by examining two key areas; (1) research investigating how poor sleep might exert an effect on mental health by examining possible mechanisms of action; and (2) testing the effect of interventions designed to target problems sleeping on subsequent mental health and behaviour outcomes. I am also interested in implementing evidenced based interventions designed to improve sleep into routine health settings, and how we might make digital health interventions more efficient for patients and professionals.


  • PSY-10026 Distress and Mental Health (Module Leader)
  • PSY-10019 Applied Psychology (Module Team Member)
  • PSY-10036 Introduction to Research Design for Psychology (Module Team Member)
  • PSY-20044 Statistics for Psychology (Module Team Member)
  • PSY-30067 Individual Differences and Conceptual Issues (Module Team Member)
  • PSY-30077 Health Psychology (Module Team Member)
  • PSY-30061 Final Year Dissertation Project (Dissertation Supervisor)
  • Programme Lead for the MSc in Psychology and Health Inequalities
  • PSY-40109 Approaches and Methods in Health Inequalities (Module Leader)
  • PSY-40079 Advanced Study in Health Inequalities (Module Team Member)
  • PSY-40139 Health Psychology (Module Team Member)
  • PSY-40045 Dissertation (Dissertation Supervisor)



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