Professor Victoria Bourne

Keele Psychology Seminar Series - Professor Victoria Bourne


Professor Victoria Bourne, Royal Holloway University of London


Attitudes and anxiety towards studying statistics: Who gets anxious, what are the consequences of anxiety and what are we really measuring


Psychology is a popular subject for undergraduate studies in the UK, and statistics is compulsory for degrees accredited by the British Psychological Society. However, up to 80% of psychology undergraduates experience statistics anxiety (Onwuegbuzie & Wilson, 2003), around 40% of new psychology students do not realise that statistics is part of the psychology curriculum (Ruggeri et al., 2008), and statistics is typically perceived as the hardest aspect of a psychology degree (Barry, 2012). This makes the teaching of statistics challenging, but to develop effective teaching strategies, it is necessary to first gain a full understanding of why some students are more vulnerable to high levels of anxiety. In this talk, I will discuss three elements of my research into this area of pedagogy. First, to explore the possible predictors of high levels of statistics anxiety and to identify people who may be “at risk” of anxiety. Second, to examine the academic consequences of having high levels of statistics anxiety. Third, to reflect on the way in which statistics anxiety is currently measured (the Statistics Anxiety Rating Scale, STARS), and to present newly acquired data on the validation of a new measure: the Attitudes Towards Learning About Statistics scale (ATLAS).

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Topic: Prof Bourne - Attitudes and anxiety towards studying statistics

Time: Mar 10, 2021 01:00 PM London

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