Professor Ben Tatler

Keele Psychology Seminar Series - Professor Ben Tatler


Professor Ben Tatler, University of Aberdeen


Everyday vision: sampling and encoding information in natural settings


The human behavioural repertoire is intricately linked to the gaze control system: many behaviours require visual information at some point in their planning or execution. The information that we require for successful completion of behavioural goals is likely to be drawn from two sources: visual information available on the retina for the current fixation, and information stored from previous fixations. Thus in order to understand how information is gathered and used from the environment, we must understand both how gaze is allocated in order to sample information, and the fate of information once sampled but no longer fixated. When considering these questions, it is appropriate to consider vision not as an isolated system—as is often the case in laboratory-based paradigms—but as part of a broader network of vision, action, and planning during interactions with the environment. Thus visual behaviour is situated within the context of our task goals, our actions and the environment in which the behaviour is conducted. We will discuss effects of task goals, actions and environmental context on visual sampling and memory, drawing upon evidence from both laboratory-based research and studies of natural behaviour. A clear emerging theme is that if our goal is to understand how vision supports our day-to-day activities, then it is important to study vision in the context of natural, everyday behaviours. If we simply the context in which we conduct our experiments then we alter the manner in which the world is sampled and encoded to memory.

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Topic: Prof Tatler - Everyday vision: sampling and encoding information in natural settings

Time: Feb 10, 2021 01:00 PM London

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