Unwrapping the Science Behind Christmas

Snowy Keele
Posted on 25 November 2015

The Sustainability Hub at Keele University is running a brand new event this year: Unwrapping the Science Behind Christmas.
From twinkling lights to Santa and his reindeer, our interactive workshops will explain the magic of Christmas through fun, interactive workshops! Guests can make their own snow, explore our Christmas Molecule Trail, and event take part in our "Scouting Santa Workshop", where you will learn about the survival skills needed to be Santa!

Dr Sharon George is back this year with her "Science of Santa" talk that explains how can Father Christmas visit 9.2 billion children in just 24 hours? Is this pure magic or does the answer lie in the strange and wonderful world of quantum physics? Join us in this special Christmas talk where we will be discussing sonic booms, the challenges of designing a sleigh that can travel at near Mach 5 and other possible ways that Santa uses physics to visit the homes of all those boys and girls in just one night.

This talk is suitable for all ages.

The event is free of charge, and runs from 12pm-3pm at Keele Sustainability Hub on Sunday, 13th December, 2015
Booking essential: https://christmasscience.eventbrite.co.uk