Moves to encourage further study

Keele chapel
Posted on 19 November 2015

Whilst there are many reasons to study for a postgraduate qualification, there are developments within the sector that may just mean that now is the right time to take the leap, as Keele’s UK Student Recruitment Manager, Simon Jenkins, tells the Independent this week.

“Funding, and the relative lack of it, has traditionally been a significant barrier for many when it has come to considering postgraduate study, especially at Masters level” explains Jenkins.

“All of that is about to change with the impending introduction of the government’s postgraduate student loan system for 2016 entry. While details are yet to be finalised, this loan is likely to be up to the value of £10,000 and will be repaid based upon graduate earnings in a similar way to the undergraduate student loan, presenting a more attractive, familiar option for those looking into postgraduate study.”

UCAS have seen record numbers of undergraduate applications over the last few cycles, a postgraduate qualification, according to Jenkins, will increasingly provide a distinguishing factor for graduates in a competitive jobs market.

“While postgraduate qualifications are not a requirement for many jobs, they do demonstrate a strong level of commitment and in some cases allow graduates to start on higher salaries or progress into senior positions quicker.”

For more information about postgraduate study at Keele, visit our virtual postgraduate open day here or visit our postgraduate taught and research pages.