Do PPPs provide value for money for the taxpayer?

Posted on 16 March 2015

Istemi Demirag, Professor of Accounting at Keele University, will examine recent developments in Public Private Partnerships in the latest lecture in Keele's programme of Inaugural Professorial Lectures 2014-15, on Tuesday, 24 March, in the Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building, on the University campus.

This lecture will examine recent developments in PPPs and try to understand the rationale behind its continuing use by successive UK governments to provide infrastructure investment in the UK. And Professor Demirag poses the question: 'Do Public Private Partnerships provide value for money for the taxpayers?'.

Istemi Demirag is Professor of Accounting and subject lead at Keele Management School. Prior to joining Keele, he was a Professor in Accounting at Hull University Business School where he acted as Co-Director of the Centre for Accounting and Accountability. He also taught accounting twelve years at Queen’s University Belfast, Management School, as Professor of Accounting. Professor Demirag is an Associate Editor of two major international journals; The European Journal of Finance and Accounting Forum. He initiated, organised and contributed to the European Accounting Association’s (EAA) funded research methodology seminars entitled “Early Career Academics’ Research Development Program” designed for developing research skills of accounting lecturers from the Eastern European countries. 

Keele's programme of Inaugural Lectures are given by newly established professors within the University and aim to give an illuminating account of the speaker's own subject specialism. The lectures, which start at 6 pm in the Westminster Theatre, are chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nick Foskett.

This lecture is free and open to all.