Professor Sally Roberts is head of the Spinal Studies and Cartilage Repair Research Group in the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital at Oswestry. This group, which hosts several members of ISTM, is part of the Arthritis Research UK Tissue Engineering Centre in a collaboration between scientists and clinicians at the universities of Aberdeen, Cambridge, Keele, Newcastle and York, and the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital.

Research and scholarship

ISTM Research theme: Regenerative medicine

Areas of Interest:

  • Study of the intervertebral disc in health and pathology.
  • Understanding factors which can lead to disc cell death and dysfunction.
  • Identifying pathological pathways leading to disc degeneration, including study of inflammatory mediators which may be released from prolapsed intervertebral discs and degradative enzymes.
  • Determining factors which could control nerve growth into intervertebral discs.
  • Developing cell based treatments for disc degeneration.
  • Developing injectable nuclear replacements for patients with disc degeneration and back pain.
  • Working closely with clinicians delivering cell therapy for cartilage and bone repair, especially Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI.)
  • Monitoring the quality of repair tissue in cell based therapies of articular cartilage and attempting to establish standardised international assessment criteria.
  • Studying the production and expression of extracellular matrix components in ACI-treated patients.
  • Identifying biomarkers of cartilage degeneration for OA and discogenic back pain patients.
  • Developing alternative sources of cells for cartilage repair, eg MSCs from several tissues including umbilical cords for allogeneic therapies.
  • Assisting in clinical trials of cell therapy, especially ASCOT.

Centre for Spinal Studies:

The Centre for Spinal Studies, Oswestry


Research work on-going in the Centre for Spinal Studies within the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital addresses 2 main clinical areas:  Spinal Disorders , including back pain and deformities, and Spinal Injuries.

Several ISTM personnel are based here including Professor Sally Roberts, Director of Spinal Research and Dr Karina Wright who leads the Spinal Injury research and is heavily involved in biomarkers for early osteoarthritis and predicting treatment outcome. Dr Claire MennanDr Helen McCarthy and Dr Charlotte Hulme are all post-doctoral researchers funded by the Arthritis Research UK working towards cartilage repair and biomarkers. Mike Williams manages a common database used for these patients. Dr Sharon Owen is the mainstay of the spinal research work now on-going. 


Karina is working on identifying the mechanisms involved in bone marrow stromal cell (MSC) derived nerve growth, as many studies have shown that MSC transplantation may provide therapeutic benefits to people with spinal cord injury.  Phil is studying proteins associated with calcification of cartilages, in both normal and pathological situations.  Stefan is interested in non-union bone fractures, ie fractures which do not heal even after several different treatments. He is focusing on the isolation and characterisation of MSC from the non-union region in affected patients, to provide a better understanding of the biology which should lead to improved therapeutic options. Stefan is also trial manager for the first clinical trial of autologous expanded MSCs in the treatment of non-union.

Irena is studying the extracellular matrix molecules and their influence on innervation and vascularisation in the osteochondral tissue.  This study is part of the EU funded MyJoint project ( which has the aim of creating a tissue engineered biological joint for patients with dysfunctional or damaged joints.  Merlin is working on the development of cell transplantation and tissue engineering techniques for the treatment of pressure ulcers in skin.

In addition, within the Centre are several other researchers involved in related topics.  Funding has been from many sources, including EPRSC, BBSRC, EU, the Institute of Orthopaedics Oswestry and several Medical Research Charities including the Arthritis Research Campaign.

Further information

PhD students who are currently doing or recently completed their PhDs with us are:

  • Atanu Bhattacharjee
  • John Garcia (now appointed to a post-doc position with Dr Jan Herman Kuiper on an MRC-funded project)
  • Shiraz Ziya
  • Jade Perry


Individual projects that are being undertaken can be found described briefly on the Institute of Orthopaedics website (  and

Below are some recent publications from the full list of 23 book chapters and 116 full papers:

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2. SHARMA A, ROBERTS S, KUIPER NJ (2016) A case study: Glycosaminoglycan profiles of autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) tissue improve as the tissue matures. The Knee. In Press
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Selected Publications

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Full Publications List show


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Journal Articles

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