Professor Ogrodnik is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Engineering Designers and a Fellow (regional) of the Royal Society of Medicine, an Honorary Consultant at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. For over 20 years he has conducted research into optimising the treatment of tibial fractures. Using this research base he has enhanced the application of engineering design principles to the solution of medical devices, his book Medical Devices Design is a core text in core R&D departments.

He has founded two medical devices companies (one manufactures and sells medical devices to the NHS and beyond) and is named inventor on numerous patents. He was a founding director of the University spinout Intelligent Orthopaedics Ltd, and is a founding partner of Metaphysis LLP. Through this corporate involvement Professor Ogrodnik has an understanding of the realities of applied research for industry; for example he was a member of the AWM Healthcare Technologies cluster opportunity group. 

Research and scholarship

Research theme:  Healthcare Technologies

Professor Ogrodnik is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. Over the last 25 years he has developed a particular interest in the Medical Devices Design as a discipline; in particular the acceleration of the translation of clinical ideas into actual medical devices – whilst meeting the requirements of MDD or FDA.

Professor Ogrodnik has designed (in conjunction with Professor Thomas) a number of devices that are now in use within hospitals across the EU, the USA and Australasia. His engineering expertise covers Computer Aided Modelling (FEA, CFD), Design, Instrumentation and Control, and Vibrations Analysis; all being used in his current research.

Major issues he is currently investigating are:

  • Automatic location and targeting of holes blind to the naked eye;
  • Remote diagnostics for fracture management;
  • Mathematical modelling of callus during secondary healing;
  • Use of smart devices to integrate with hospital IT infrastructure to facilitate true virtual clinics;
  • In-vitro model of the human bladder-urethra system;
  • Identification of the barriers to the adoption of sustainable energy sources in the healthcare environment;
  • Energy harvesting strategies for autonomous medical devices.  


Award Leader MSc Medical Engineering Design and the 5 modules I am leading Advanced Engineering Applications, Creative Engineering Design, Medical Device Design Principles, Quality by Design, Pharmaceutical Development and Management.

Further information


  • 2005: Winner Lord Stafford Award for Innovation
  • 2006: Finalist Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award
  • 2021: Institution of Engineering Designers Inspire, Support Achieve Award: The Gerald Frewer Trophy

Products in market

  • STORM (STaffordshire Orthopaedic Reduction Machine) released 2005
  • IOS (monolateral external fixation system) released 2005
  • METAclips (launched 2020)

Conference organisation

  • Rotordynamics ’92: Venice, Published by Springer-Verlag, ISBN 0-387-19754 (Editorial panel and co-organiser).
  • ICES ’93: Stafford, Published by Staffordshire University, (Chief-editor).

Honorary posts

  • Honorary Professor University of Ateneo de Manilla


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