Rajmil Fischman awarded grant

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Music Glove
Posted on 08 September 2011

Professor Rajmil Fischman, Research Institute for the Humanities, was awarded £71,432 by the AHRC for work that aims to enable music performance by using natural hand actions (e.g. throwing objects, sowing seeds, etc.) – furthering the possibilities afforded by game controllers. It will implement a self-contained ‘Manual Actions Expressive System’ (MAES) consisting of a digital glove controlled by specialised software for the creation of musical gestures. While these gestures result from tracking and analysing hand position, rotation and finger bend, the technology will allow performers to concentrate on natural actions from daily use of the hands (e.g. the physical movement associated with ‘throwing’ and ‘sowing’). For this reason, MAES will not require formal musical training, producing sophisticated sound that is a believable result of the performer’s natural actions and providing intimate control of the sound. Thus, it will allow individuals who would not have had the opportunity otherwise, to engage actively in music making. At the same time, it will enable performers to achieve virtuosity by providing gestures that can be adapted to individual requirements.

MAES will complete the first stage of an overarching strategy for the realisation of ‘Structured interactive immersive Musical experiences’ (SiiMe), in which users advance at their own pace in a virtual environment stimulating all the senses (hearing, sight, smell, etc.) and choose their own trajectory through a musical work, but have to act within its interactive rules and constraints towards a final goal - the realisation of the music.