MAES exhibited at ICT 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania

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ICT2013 Exhibition 200x200
Posted on 14 November 2013

Professor Rajmil Fischman and Mr Cliff Bradbury attended as Keele exhibitors at ICT 2013 - Create, Connect, Grow - Vilnius, Lithuania, 6-8 November. ICT is Europe's biggest digital technology event, attracting nearly 5000 visitors this year: 155 projects were selected to showcase the latest findings in advanced research, technologies, new systems, innovation in services and business, and ICT products just coming on the market. Another 30 projects provided information related to the research and innovation program Horizon 2020. Selection criteria included attractiveness, level of interactivity, level of innovation, ease of understanding, impact and potential contribution to Europe’s ‘co-creating the future’ programme. Fischman’s Manual Actions Expressive System (MAES), developed in Keele as part of an AHRC Fellowship, was one of the selected projects exhibited as part of the ‘culture, science and creativity’ theme. This included two public performances of Ruraq Maki (Handmade), a musical work composed especially for MAES, which enables music performance using natural hand actions – aiming to further the possibilities afforded by videogame controllers. MAES exploits the potential of hand gestures to generate, shape and manipulate sounds as if these were physical entities within a larger structured musical environment: the technology tracks and analyses hand position, rotation
and finger bend, allowing performers to concentrate on natural actions from daily use of the hands to achieve music expressivity with simple gestures. Therefore, it can be used by individuals who do not have formal musical training. At the same time, it enables development towards virtuosity because the links between the performing gestures and resulting sounds are fully programmable, offering virtually unlimited possible combinations limited only by the imagination of the user.