Keele lecturer invited to give keynote on music and conflict in Lima, Peru

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Posted on 18 May 2017

Dr Fiorella Montero-Diaz, Lecturer in Ethnomusicology in Music and Music Technology at Keele University, presented a paper at the Latin American Studies Association’s annual international conference in Lima-Peru. She convened and chaired an ethnomusicology panel together with well-known Peruvianist ethnomusicologists entitled ‘Where Words Fail: Music, Conflict and Social Change in Post-War Peru’. The panel brought together voices and positions from various theoretical and ethnographic perspectives and moments of Peru’s conflict-ridden history in an attempt to understand how the national, and the social, have been and are being understood, rebuilt and reasserted in Peru, through creative musical transgression, subversion, and re-formulations of citizenship in the post-war era.

The topic of Peru’s reconciliation has not been theorized enough, or even discussed openly with a Peruvian audience. Dr Montero-Diaz was therefore invited by the Institute of Ethnomusicology of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and the Museum of Memory, Tolerance and Social Inclusion (LUM) to present, together with her panel, roundtables and keynotes sharing their most current research on these important topics.  The result was not only an academic discussion, but a dialogue with the broader public, especially university students and people affected by the war, about how to address through music the trauma caused by the internal conflict. In addition, Dr. Montero-Diaz gave a seminar on Methods and Topics in Ethnomusicological Studies for the first ever group reading for a Masters in Musicology in Peru, a great opportunity to contribute to the development of the field in her homeland. 

Fiorella in Peru

Fiorella presenting