Oscar Scotney

Oscar Scotney

 I graduated from Keele University in 2018 with first class honours in Law.

I am now a Trainee Solicitor with top 200 firm ‘Roythornes’ who specialise in Agriculture. I was lucky enough to obtain this position in my final year at Keele and have always felt hugely grateful for the continued support of the Law School and the careers team who offered advice and interview guidance throughout the application process.

During my time at Keele I was a member of the Law Society and acted as Marketing and Communications Director. This platform gave me the confidence to network and gain work experience opportunities including a Mini Pupillage with Hardwicke.

I think the most important bit of advice is to enjoy and make the most of your time at Keele. The opportunities you are offered whilst at Uni may not be so easy to come-by in future years so really make the most of it! I entered the client-interviewing competition in my final year (after 2 years of being too nervous to do so) and found it a great experience which really helped boost my confidence.

University is not just about getting a degree, use the time to prepare for professional life.

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