Mitchelle Bob-Manuel

Mitchelle Bob-Manuel

My name is Mitchelle Bob-Manuel and I am currently rounding up my study at the Nigerian Law School to be called to the Nigerian Bar as a Solicitor and Barrister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I graduated Keele University in July 2018 with a First Class Honours in LLB (Law).

I had a really lovely time at Keele, learning and socialising in the Keele bubble. While at Keele I was a Resident Adviser, Student Voice Representative, Halls Representative, a Mentor and a Senior Mentor. I was also privileged to volunteer at the Magistrates Court and Crown Court for two years during my study. These gave me the opportunity to gain skills and experiences that helped me since leaving Keele. I attained the role of President of Charitable Aid for Legal Minds, a charity whose aim is to help less fortunate children and people in rehabilitation centres. I have also been made the General Manager of Heavenly Pilgrimage and Tours Ltd, and I am currently in the process of starting my own business- Favelle’s Glam Bay.

I would encourage every prospective and current student studying law to take advantage of the opportunities within and outside the law field provided by the university whilst paying close attention to studies. While it may seem difficult, once you find a balance of priorities, the world would truly be your oyster.

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