Luke W Griffiths

Luke W Griffiths

In 2015, I joined Keele’s School of Law as a below average student with no real background in law what so ever.

In 2019, I graduated with first class honours and the Oxford University Press Prize for the best dissertation in law. I do not believe I would have achieved this at any other university. The close-knit community of Keele’s school of law allowed me to build good relationships with the teaching staff, many of whom I have the privilege of calling friends now, giving me an unparalleled level of support, guidance and opportunity that has continued beyond my 3 year degree.

Since graduating from Keele I now work as the legal assistant to the catastrophic injury team at Bott & Company Solicitors. The school of law prepared me for the legal profession by allowing me to work as a legal companion through CLOCK, a paid legal research assistant to senior lecturers of the school and by giving me an extra year to undertake further study in Spain. Keele has also followed me into the work place as many of my colleagues, includng the lawyer I directly work under, are Keele alumni. 

While I am still deciding whether to pursue a career as a solicitor, barrister or legal academic - I have Keele to thank for giving me these options and for putting me in a position to obtain them.


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