Katherine Gittins

Katherine Gittins

"During my time at Keele, I have been given many opportunities to do more and get more involved. For example, I have been involved in the Client Interviewing competition and been a member of the Law and Bar Society. Keele gives you opportunities to help build a career. This year I have had the most amazing work placement with a top London Law Firm. And this is just what I have chosen to get involved in, there is much more besides, and a strong support system whenever you need help.

Its not just the course and opportunities which make Keele the best place to be, but also the people. Everyone is helpful and friendly and because of this you can knock on a lecturer's door and ask for the assistance you need. My plans for the future are to go to the Bar and become a Barrister, and I can honestly say that the support at Keele has put me in good place to achieve this."

Katherine is now a Barrister with 3 Dr Johnson's Buildings, London.

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