Georgia Griffiths

Georgia Griffiths

“meaningful extra-curricular opportunities”


I studied for my undergraduate LLB law degree and thereafter, completed my Masters in Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice. I very much enjoyed my time and experience at Keele; I felt that the law school was very much its own little community that was always available to offer support and opportunity.

Keele was able to offer me meaningful extra-curricular opportunities that no doubt helped me boost my legal profile; I was able to spend one month at a university in India conducting research for a postgraduate module and I also spent a month in Geneva as a research assistant for the UN-CERD.

After leaving Keele University, I was able to secure employment with the Home Office as an Executive Presenting Officer. This position involved advocating on behalf of the Secretary of State in the Immigration and Asylum First-Tier Tribunal. I realised that legal advocacy was something I was very good at and confirmed my beliefs that ultimately I wanted to go on and become a barrister. I consequently applied for a scholarship from the Inner Temple in order to complete the BPTC year.

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