Ahmer Aziz

Ahmer Aziz

I graduated from the School of Law in 2016, and since this time I have worked for several FTSE 100 Financial Institutions, namely Lloyds Banking Group, KPMG UK, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and Standard Chartered Bank PLC.

As a Keele Law student, I was able to hone and develop my academic writing and analysis skills, with Healthcare Law, Child Law, Legal Skills, Administrative Law and Law Science & Society standing out as my most interesting modules. The successful application of these academic legal skills, were evidenced none more so than at JP Morgan, where I played a central role in the building of the Anti-Financial Crime function at a new UK bank - Chase UK. I also thoroughly enjoyed my Spanish Language Electives - As part of these modules I had the privilege of studying abroad in Spain.

Law at Keele provided me with an introduction into the field of financial criminal law, and the doors to the industry were further opened through legal work at No5 Chambers. I managed to secure this internship through a School of Law alumni networking event at a global law firm. Experiencing white-collar crime cases at No5 Chambers was thoroughly insightful. Through further networking, I went on to secure internships at Santander as well as a city centre law firm. I also volunteered for a year at the Citizens Advice Bureau in conjunction with undertaking a CLOCK Legal Companionship position, the latter of which led to me receiving an award for representing vulnerable clients in front of a judge.

In conclusion, I would firstly advice prospective and current students to take advantage of the various networking and extracurricular opportunities that the School of Law has to offer. As it has done for myself, it will lead to you standing out from the crowd when looking to secure graduate schemes or other careers. My second piece advise is to continue learning and studying as much as possible. I have boosted my curriculum vitae through both a Masters in Financial Regulation & Compliance and through professional industry qualifications. Last but not least, network as much as possible.

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