Keele Pain Recorder

The Keele Pain Recorder (KPR) is a mobile application (app) which was developed by patients for patients, to improve the management of pain. Led by Dr John Bedson, a Senior Lecturer at the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences and General Practitioner.

The app, which was designed by a team of researchers and patients, is the first pain recorder to have undergone clinical trials and been subject to scientific evaluation.

What does the app do?

It allows the user/patient to record levels of pain and how it interferes with your life, mood, and sleep on a daily or weekly basis. It will record how your medication is helping your conditions and its side effects.

This recorded data can then be shared with the patient's GP to help them better manage and treat the condition either by email, or through the app itself.

This data can also be shared completley anonmyously, and only with your consent, with Keele University researchers to help them investigate and understand patterns of pain. This will help them to develop better ways in which we may help patients in the future.

Dr John Bedson introduces the Keele Pain Recorder (KPR)

And describes its benefits for patients managing pain