9 projects were funded in 2022/23

Project title: Exploring Service Users and Carers’ journeys through health care

Project leader(s): June Keeling, Ida Bentley

Project title: SPGS: Co-producing inclusive educational environments

Project leader(s): Sian Edwards, Sam Weston, Matthew Wyman


Project title: English for Employability: Designing a Framework for Authentic Assessment in Humanities

Project leader(s): Rachel Adcock, Jonathan Shears


Project title: Innovating reflective teaching practice at Keele:An explorative study of  using Virtual Simulation Game (VSG) to improve student engagement and employability

Project leader(s): Moshood Bello, Helen Rogers, Gijs van Duijn


Project title: ‘You’ve been bugged!’:Development of an Interactive Board Game for Outreach Activities in Microbiology.

Project leader(s): David Watson, Trish Procter

Project title: Mapping the therapeutic campus

Project leader(s): Mark Lucherini, Clare Holdsworth, Maddy Thompson, Alex Nobajas

Project title: Creative Environmental Storytelling ‘in the Field’

Project leader(s): Pawas Bisht, Zoe Robinson, Ceri Morgan & Angie Turner 

Project title: Using eXtended Reality (XR) for effective for learning and teaching of students in Forensic Science

Project leader(s): Kris Wisniewski, Luke Hobson, Adam Jeffery, Georgine Handley, Viv Heaton, Jamie Pringle

Project title: Autistic voices in geoscience: towards greater inclusion of neurological diversity

Project leader(s): Adam Jeffery, Steven Rogers, Cat Hallam, Kelly Jeffrey, Julie Hulme, Mark Lucherini

Project title: Assessing the Impact of brief mindfulness classroom exercises on attention and memory of Foundation Year students

Project leader(s): Kate Jury (Deferred from 2019/20)

Project title: Student Teachers: A Hybrid Model of Outreach and Alternative Assessment 

Project leader(s): Kristen Brill with Neil Archer (Deferred from 2021/22)