7 projects were funded in 2021/22

Project title: Use of the arts to develop empathy and support patient-centered care in pharmacy students

Project leader(s): Maria Allinson

Project title: Student and Staff Perspectives and Interpretations of Curriculum Decolonisation in Humanities and Social Sciences Through Digital Narratives 

Project leader(s): Aikaterina Koskina with Panos Sousounis 

Project title: The Language Centre Podcast Series

Project leader(s): Ella Tennant with Inés Guttierrez-Gonzalez, Patricia Payne and Russell Clark (Deferred to 2022/23)

Project title: Student Teachers: A Hybrid Model of Outreach and Alternative Assessment 

Project leader(s): Kristen Brill with Neil Archer (Deferred to 2022/23)

Project title: Assessment and Feedback in Law

Project leader(s): Lara McMurty with Stella Coyle and Mark Davys 


Project title: “Hear Me Out”: ‘tour guide’ microphone/earpiece sets to address barriers to fieldwork

Project leader(s): Steven Rogers with Ian Stimpson

Project title: Anatomy and Physiology: Developing and evaluating an asynchronous, digital, interprofessional anatomy and physiology resource

Project leader(s): Julie Green with Dr Alison Pooler, Dr Simon Jacklin, Dr Sarah Aynsley, Dr Julie Beddows, Jonathan Berry, Heather Brown, Tracey Coppins, Julia Farrington, Rebecca Harrison, Dr Jane Jervis, Patricia Proctor, Carole Watkins, Dr Matthew Webb, Donna Holdcroft, Dr Carolyn Voisey, Professor Paul Horrocks, Dr Luke Welsh, Dr Srabasti Chakravorty, Kim Major and Dr Heidi Fuller

Project title: Keele University Values Recognition Scheme. A scheme to enhance the learning experience of nursing and midwifery students in work-based learning environments.

Project leader(s): Christine Armstrong, Clare Corness Parr, Kate Hackett, Zoe Grant, Caroline Llewellyn (Deferred from 2020/21)

Project title: Developing Student and Staff Assessment Feedback Literacies through the use of Electronic Reflective Feedback Diaries

Project leader(s): Dave McGarvey, Kizzy Beaumont (plus 4 other team members) (Deferred from 2019/20)

Project title: Critical incidents in clinical practice: A three-staged model to support pre-registration students’ emotional and psychological health and wellbeing

Project leader(s): Joanne Cookson, Jenny Cooper, Nageen Mustafa, Jan Summerfield (and Nursing Lecturer TBC) (Deferred from 2020/21)

Project title: Decolonising the Curriculum and Developing Inclusive Teaching: Staff and Student perspectives

Project leader(s): Shalini Sharma, Cat Hallam, Lisa Lau, Jack Cao, Stella Coyle (Deferred from 2019/20)

Project title: Walking, Talking Stoke on Trent: Theorising on the Move (deferred to 2021/22)

Project leader(s): Natalie Solieman, Kris Wisniewski (Deferred from 2020/21)

Project title: Can digital project diaries enhance the student experience of final year research projects?

Project leader(s): Mike Edwards, Daryl Kerr (Deferred from 2019/20)

Project title: Combining blended learning with role play in an online simulation of the Bletchley Park Enigma codebreakers in WW2

Project leader(s): Jeff Neat, Adam Wootton, Simon Rimmington (Deferred from 2020/21)

Project title: To what extent do multidisciplinary learning spaces help facilitate the development of communities of learning?

Project leader(s): Katie Szkornik, Kizzy Beaumont (plus 13 other team members) (Deferred from 2019/20)

Project title: What have you learned? Matching academic content to employability skills in an Economics undergraduate programme

Project leader(s): Panos Sousounis (Deferred from 2020/21)