Eight projects were funded in 2020/21

Project title: Keele University Values Recognition Scheme. A scheme to enhance the learning experience of nursing and midwifery students in work-based learning environments.

Project leader(s): Christine Armstrong, Clare Corness Parr, Kate Hackett, Zoe Grant, Caroline Llewellyn (Deferred to 2021/22)

Project title: Critical incidents in clinical practice: A three-staged model to support pre-registration students’ emotional and psychological health and wellbeing

Project leader(s): Joanne Cookson, Jenny Cooper, Nageen Mustafa, Jan Summerfield (and Nursing Lecturer TBC) (Deferred to 2021/22)

Project title: Mapping a Personalised Foundation Degree Apprenticeship Journey

Project leader(s): Nicola Witton, Charlotte Harper, Keri Green


Project title: What have you learned? Matching academic content to employability skills in an Economics undergraduate programme

Project leader(s): Panos Sousounis (Deferred to 2021/22)

Project title: Undergraduate Research and Equality of Opportunity:  Obstacles To Success in Research Projects for Underrepresented Groups

Project leader(s): Jonathan Parker

Project title: Combining blended learning with role play in an online simulation of the Bletchley Park Enigma codebreakers in WW2

Project leader(s): Jeff Neat, Adam Wootton, Simon Rimmington (Deferred to 2021/22)

Project title: Walking, Talking Stoke on Trent: Theorising on the Move 

Project leader(s): Natalie Solieman, Kris Wisniewski (Deferred to 2021/22)

Project title: Conference co-creation: a student-led approach to the design and delivery of an academic conference

Project leader(s): Sam Lesniak, Elliott Lancaster, Chris Little


Project title: Developing Student and Staff Assessment Feedback Literacies through the use of Electronic Reflective Feedback Diaries

Project leader(s): Dave McGarvey, Kizzy Beaumont (plus 4 other team members) (Deferred from 2019/20)

Project title: Are you feeling stressed? Looking after the mental health of health students. A sketch animation to raise self-awareness and signpost health students to sources of self-help and support.

Project leader(s): Julie Green, Pete Lonsdale, Jamie Mumvuri, Pauline Walsh, Nageen Mustafa (Deferred from 2019/20)

Project title: A GOLDen approach to 3D drug-target interactions: developing interactive workshops across multiple disciplines

Project leader(s): Jonahannes Reynisson, Anja Winter, Tess Phillips (Deferred from 2019/20)

Project title: Science & Surveying (SnS): interactive and inclusive game-based learning activities for holistic data collection, processing and presentation

Project leader(s): Ben Davenward, Sam Davenward (Deferred from 2019/20)

Project title: Legal Essentials: supporting transition, belonging and resilience in first year Law students

Project leader(s): Stella Coyle, Mark Davys, Hannah Gibbons-Jones, Catherine Edwards (Deferred from 2019/20)