Matt Street

Matt Street | 01782 7 34477

Raised on the fringe of the industrial landscape of pot banks and (some) steelworks I have forged or pottered (depending on perspective) through a career in Higher Education. At work, events and conferences I can mostly be found discussing the affordances and differences between types of oatcake and fillings, turning over pottery (it’s a Stoke thing) answering questions about having a beard and whether I’m a hipster or not, advocating having fun, encouraging people to experiment and of course working on and discussing all things related to education and educational technology. My approach is to be open, reflective and collaborative. Just in case you were wondering I’m not really a hipster. I like coffee from a tin, not cold pressed…..and yes a beard is proving to be a lot of maintenance.

I lead a team of Learning Technologists in the KIITE strategic hub, our primary focus is to create a step change in educational technology institutionally. I have an academic development background with over 12 years experience influencing people to develop their practice, designing, developing and delivering professional development opportunities. I co-lead a postgraduate certificate in Teaching and Learning with Technology and am a tutor on our Master in Higher Education Practice. I have led and continue to lead a range of institutional projects covering areas from assessment and feedback through to educational design in complex cross-institutional collaborations.

I am a Senior Fellow of the HEA and a qualified coach. I hold a Masters in online and Distance Education and am currently completing a Senior Leaders MBA

Areas of expertise: Educational technology, learning design, flexible learning