Postgraduate placements

Postgraduate Consultancy Project

Our Postgraduate Consultancy project provides an opportunity for many types of organisation to benefit from the knowledge and enthusiasm of bright, highly motivated postgraduate students who are keen to learn and eager to produce work of a high standard under the supervision of a senior Keele University academic. Student consultants could help you to complete ‘real projects’ which may have been difficult to achieve due to staffing levels and workloads, within a realistic timescale and at little cost.

How does it work?

The programmes takes place during the summer, usually from late June for between eight and ten weeks. For our students their project is assessed and counts towards their postgraduate degree. Once you have sent details of your project to us at Keele Business School, you will be contacted by a member of staff who will ensure that:

  • the projects are advertised to the students
  • who are then asked to complete a formal application form along with a covering letter, highlighting why they are the ideal candidate for the job, and a short curriculum vitae.
  • applications will be forwarded to you for selection
  • a formal interview will be arranged in the School with a representative from your company and a Keele University academic
  • the selected intern will then commence an eight to ten week placement with you
  • you will be supported by a Keele University academic and administrative member of the School throughout the project
  • at the end of the project you will be invited to attend a presentation about the project by the student

Your company requirements

  • your time to take part in the interview process and supervisory meetings.
  • provision of suitable office space and equipment. Many organisations also elect to cover student expenses.


If you would be interested in hosting a postgraduate student please contact;