Reset your Password

You can reset your own password by setting up Self-Service Password Resets on the Microsoft log-in system (used for systems including Microsoft Teams and the KLE). 

To do this, you will need to set up authentication methods when prompted as part of the log-in process. This is so that when you go to reset your password the system can verify that the person trying to change your password is you.

If you have not set up authentication methods previously, you will be prompted to do so when signing into a Keele system using this log-in system - email address and password. 

The default option which will be shown on screen is the Microsoft Authenticator App, but you can select 'I want to use a different method' and set something else up as your primary method. 

You will also need to set-up a secondary, or back-up, method. 

This video runs you through the set-up process