Supporting international students fleeing humanitarian crises

Untangling the experiences of students from Ukraine and Syria.

Our project explores the experiences of students in UK higher education who have fled humanitarian crises. It seeks to challenge the ‘forced vs voluntary migration’ dichotomy and to unpick the complex experiences of the participants in our study. The data generated from the study will be used to recommend enhancements in policy and practice, working with relevant stakeholders locally and nationally. Specifically, the project is interested in how international students from the two case study groups narrate their experiences of UK higher education, what unique needs and requirements, in the immediate, mid- and longer-term, these students have, and how their experiences can be enhanced.

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Dr Filippo Nereo

Dr Filippo Nereo
Associate Director, Academic Curriculum Development

Tetiana Tsapenko

Tetiana Tsapenko

Dr Dashamir Vaqarri

Dr Dashamir Vaqarri (external link)


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