I first choose Media as its something I’ve studied since GCSE so I’ve always loved doing the practical side of it, but I didn’t always realise that until I went to college and started making films and advertisements that really prospered.
I was at another university in first year and that was all theory based. I was just not warming to that, but as soon as I found the course at Keele, although I was a bit apprehensive of changing University, I’ve not regretted it since. I feel that my potential has really come out through making short films and documentaries and now I want to go into making films as a career.

My favourite module to date is the ‘Documentary’ module that I did in second year. It was a very enjoyable module, as I was able to put plenty of my time and dedication into the film that I produced as we were in smaller groups and so had more of the tutor’s time. It also gave me the confidence to produce a more professional video.
I enjoyed the module so much that I have now chosen to make a documentary for my final year project!

I would recommend Media at Keele because you are actually valued here as an individual, as oppose to just being a number amongst others in a large course. At my other university I was in a class with over a hundred other students. The lecturer didn’t know me, and I didn’t know the lecturer. I barely knew their names and I felt that they didn’t know any of their students and my classmates didn’t know eachother. We would just turn up to lectures, write notes down, do an essay - whereas here each module is different, you get advice from your tutors relevant to the project you want to do. It’s more guided here, which helps you in the long term, unlike bigger classes at other universities which can be more independent but less guided.