English courses at Keele are designed to give you a firm grounding in the subject, followed by a wide range of options. They offer a sound training in the discipline and in transferable skills, while allowing you to concentrate on the areas that appeal to you most. You can study English Literature (in single honours and a range of combined honours combinations) or English and American Literature (single honours).  We teach a wide range of literary texts from the medieval period to the present day.

English offers teaching in tutorial groups (about twenty students but sometimes fewer) in all three years. Tutorials, which are held in the Chancellor's Building in the heart of the campus, are supplemented by lectures in rooms nearby equipped with appropriate audio-visual aids.

Staff, all experts in their fields, teach modules carefully designed by individuals or by teams. As well as teaching tutorials in small groups, they all offer students consultation hours at which they can discuss their progress and plan the development of their work. Students are regularly asked to comment on the delivery of programmes and they are invited to attend planning meetings.

English has an active Student Staff Voice Committee, and places a high value on good communications with students, both formal and informal.

English Literature at Keele

Students and academic staff talk about the range of English Literature undergraduate options at Keele University's School of Humanities.