Humanities Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (HUM-UROP)

The School of Humanities Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (HUM-UROP) is designed to allow students to gain first-hand experience in the professional activities of Humanities academics while enhancing skills and employability. This programme is open to anyone but is targeted at Level 5 students and particularly aimed at those considering postgraduate study, research careers in any sector, and those interested in learning more about Keele’s research community.

A HUM-UROP is undertaken under the supervision of a member of staff in the School of Humanities. Each project will be individual, but examples might include: the student undertaking research, either at archives or online; indexing; curation (e.g. preparing a small online ‘exhibition’ from materials provided by the academic); writing academic papers (with or without the academic having credit as appropriate) – destinations might include Keele’s Journal of Academic Development and Education as well as external publications; writing policy papers (eg for History and Policy).

Students who successfully undertake a HUM-UROP will have this recognised on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). This can be used as evidence of participation in the scheme in an application for postgraduate study or employment.

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