Martin Crawford is Emeritus Professor of Anglo-American History.  He retired from full-time teaching in 2009 after thirty-five years at Keele where he specialized in Southern and Civil War history.  His publications include: The Anglo-American Crisis of the Mid-Nineteenth Century: The Times and America 1850-1862 (1987); William Howard Russell's Civil War: Private Diary and Letters, 1861-1862 (1992); Ashe County's Civil War: Community and Society in the Appalachian South (2001); and two co-edited two essay collections: with Alan J. Rice, Liberating Sojourn: Frederick Douglass and Transatlantic Reform (1999); and with Richard Godden, Reading Southern Poverty Between the Wars (2006), and essays in such journals as Civil War History, Journal of Southern History, Journal of American Studies, Slavery and Abolition, South Atlantic Quarterly, and the Appalachian Journal. His most recent publication is "Back to the Future: The Potters' Emigration Society and the Historians," Labour History Review 76 (August 2011).  An active member of the American Studies community for many years, he was editor of the BAAS Pamphlet series from 1989 to 1993 and from 2000-2006 founding editor of the Journal American Nineteenth Century History.  He served as chair of BrANCH (British American Nineteenth Century Historians) from 2006-2011.  He is currently writing a history of the Potters' Emigration Society.


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