My research interests revolve around media, culture, gender and minorities, and I am particularly interested in Muslim feminism, intersectionality and cultural critique. My current PhD research explores hijab fashion bloggers’ representation of femininity, feminism and empowerment on Instagram. I relate this to theories on digital self-presentation techniques, postfeminism, neoliberalism and Islamophobia. It is supervised by Prof Elizabeth Poole and Dr Eva Giraud. For more information, please see this research blog:

I previously completed a BA Media & Culture (with a minor in Gender Studies) and an MA in Gender Studies at Utrecht University, and was awarded a scholarship to study Arabic Language at Kuwait University.During these degrees, my research included the representation of the other in national integration campaigns; race and performativity in humanitarian aid fundraising videos; the role of the headscarf in transforming Dutch convert women’s identity; relationship and sexuality education at Islamic schools; feminist knowledge production and Muslim women’s bodies as the site of struggle in the Arab Spring; and the representation of Muslim women in Dutch media discourses on sharia courts and marital captivity.

Outside of academia, I have led and taken part in several (creative) projects, research activities and guest speaking related to Muslim women. I have worked on a feminist campaign at an NGO, designed for a luxury designer label (PR and interior design) and have developed research and training at an advice consultancy, amongst others.


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