I completed my PhD in Film Studies at Queen Mary, University of London in 2015. I have since taught in the Film Studies departments at Queen Mary, King’s College London and the University of Sussex.

Before joining Keele in 2022, I was Postdoctoral Research Fellow on AHRC-funded projects about the British Ministry of Information’s work during the Second World War (2016-18) and the career of filmmaker, writer and feminist scholar Jill Craigie (2019-21). I also worked as research assistant on the second edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Film Studies (2020).

Research and scholarship

My research mainly focuses on British film and media history, and I am currently working on feminist histories of social realism, collective and community-based filmmaking, and postwar film stardom.

I have published a book on domestic life and modernity in British 1940s cinema (Manchester University Press, 2021) and co-edited a collection on representations of home in literature and visual culture (Routledge, 2017). I have also written about film stardom, focusing on popular husband-and-wife acting duo Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray (2015) and the homes of Vivien Leigh (2017).

As a postdoctoral research fellow on the Ministry of Information project (2016-18), I worked on the development of the MoI’s Films Division during the Second World War – focusing on animated propaganda films (2019) and the division’s non-theatrical film networks in the UK (2021), and I am contributing a chapter to Information at War, a new history of the Ministry’s work (forthcoming, 2022).

On the Jill Craigie: Film Pioneer project (2019-21), I was associate producer and archive researcher on Independent Miss Craigie, a feature-length documentary exploring Craigie’s life and work (Lizzie Thynne, 2021). I co-edited a special issue of the Journal of British Cinema and Television on women in British film and documentary cultures 1930-55 (with Yvonne Tasker, Sadie Wearing and Christine Geraghty, 2021), and my research arising from the project has been published in Screen (2022) and Critical Studies in Television (forthcoming, 2022).

I am on the editorial board for Frames Cinema Journal.


I convene the following modules:

  • Modern European Film and Television
  • Film and Culture
  • Gender and the Cinematic Gaze
  • British Social Realism

Further information

As a supervisor, I would welcome projects on topics including:

British film history; social realism and documentary; independent filmmaking and exhibition; women’s film and media history; film collectives and co-operatives; regional or local film histories; ephemeral/non-theatrical cinema; class, gender, sexuality and race; postcolonialism; housing, domesticity and domestic labour; feminism, femininity and girlhood; film stardom.


  • Picturing Home: Domestic Life and Modernity in 1940s British Film (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2021)
  • Domestic Imaginaries: Navigating the Home in Global Literary and Visual Cultures eds. Bex Harper and Hollie Price (London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)

Journal articles

  • ‘Jill Craigie: The BBC, Postwar Feminism and Modern Femininities’, Critical Studies in Television (2022) forthcoming
  • ‘Postwar Girlhoods: Jill Craigie, British Social Realism and Local Stardom’, Screen 63. 1 (2022)
  • ‘“How to Pack a Hall”: MoI Mobile Film Shows for the Women’s Institute and Civic Film Culture in Wartime Britain’, Journal of British Cinema and Television 18. 4 (2021) eds. Yvonne Tasker, Sadie Wearing, Hollie Price and Christine Geraghty, Jill Craigie and Women in British Film and Documentary Cultures 1930-55 special issue
  • ‘A “Somewhat Homely” Stardom: Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray and Refurnishing Post-war Domestic Modernity’, Journal of British Cinema and Television 12. 1 (2015) eds. Andrew Spicer and Melanie Williams, Stars special issue

Book chapters

  • ‘The Films Division’, Information at War: The Ministry of Information 1939-46 eds. Simon Eliot, Henry Irving, and Marc Wiggam (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2022) forthcoming
  • ‘“A Very Flexible Medium”: The Ministry of Information and Animated Propaganda Films on the Home Front’ in Animation and Advertising: Commerce, Persuasion and Appeal eds. Malcolm Cook and Kirsten Thompson (London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)
  • ‘“A Living Set”: At Home with Vivien Leigh’, Vivien Leigh: Actress and Icon eds. Kate Dorney and Maggie B. Gale (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2017)
  • ‘Furnishing the Living Room in Film Noir: Disillusion and the Armchair’, Spaces of the Cinematic Home: Behind the Screen Door eds. Eleanor Andrews, Stella Hockenhull and Fran Pheasant-Kelly (London, Routledge, 2016)


  • Associate Producer and Archive Researcher, Independent Miss Craigie (dir. Lizzie Thynne, 2022) – The Camera is Ours: Britain’s Women Documentary Filmmakers BFI DVD

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