Under Construction @ Keele

An interdisciplinary postgraduate journal for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science at Keele University. It is a platform for postgraduate students, at any stage of their research, to showcase their work through a peer-reviewed process and format. The journal is bi-annual with issues published in July and February. We welcome submissions from students from all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Under Construction @ Keele  was created in order to provide a space that is designed for postgraduate students to disseminate their research that can be accessed both internally and externally to the university. We also want to facilitate a network between students across different, as well as neighbouring disciplines, promoting Keele’s positive interdisciplinary approach to research.  

As the title of the journal suggests, we want to encourage submissions of work that range from early development of ideas through to students in the final stages of their research. Under Construction @ Keele also aims to provide a platform that can offer students who have not published their work, an insight into the formal procedures and the different requirements and timescales that can be involved in this. Ultimately, we want the journal to reflect the high level of academic research that is taking place here at Keele.

Under Construction @ Keele is calling for submissions from Keele postgraduate students in any discipline across the humanities and social sciences. We are looking to publish articles of 3,000 words in length by PhD and Masters students. We encourage submissions from postgraduates at any stage of their research and hope to reflect the interdisciplinary approach and high standard of academic study that Keele promotes and maintains.

We want to showcase postgraduate research from across a broad range of disciplines, bringing together the wide variety of approaches and subject areas. We encourage articles that focus on and discuss individual research, the development of ideas and approaches, as well as articles that respond to certain theoretical and/or conceptual questions. We also welcome material that is perhaps not a product of your research but that offers a discussion or critical analysis of certain ideas or theoretical standpoints, reviews of published work, and/or broader critical reflections on the postgraduate experience.

Listed below is the necessary information regarding the submission of academic work to this journal. Complete guidelines for preparing and submitting your work are included here. Please refer to the information provided before making a submission.

Please refer to the following instructions if you are preparing to submit to Under Construction:

  1. Style Guide
  2. Supplemental material

As this is a predominantly online publication, we encourage authors to submit movie and audio files, animations, images or any other additional material that may be required.
We ask that such material is appropriate and pertinent to your article and that the use of such material adheres to our copyright rules and regulations included below.

Please submit any supplemental material to the following email address: underconstruction@keele.ac.uk

A downloadable copy of our submission guidelines will be published in due course.

3. Submission Guidelines

Under Construction @ Keele also has a supporting blog: https://underconstructionkeele.wordpress.com, which functions as a source of news for the journal as well as for the Humanities and Social Science Research Faculty. Alongside information regarding the journal and its current issues, the blog offers a more informal space in which to reflect and discuss other activities and events that are taking place at Keele and elsewhere.

If you have any queries or you have content that you would like to feature on the blog then please direct these to the following email address: underconstruction@keele.ac.uk

If you are interested in submitting work for our blog, please see the Call for Blog's

The journal was created for students, by students. The editorial team behind Under Construction @ Keele is comprised of current postgraduates from a range of different disciplines across the humanities and social sciences:

Editor in Chief: Martin Goodhead
Social Media: Emma Stanbridge
Peer Liaison: Bethany Goodhead
Editorial: Amy Blaney
Editorial: Aysha Mazar
Editorial: Matthew Davies
Editorial: Elizabeth (Lizzy) Trafford
Designer: Ashley Yang

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